Our stainless steel medical ID jewelry provides an excellent way to share your important medical details with medical personnel in the event of an emergency. Whether you choose a bracelet or a necklace, the medical professional will be alerted of your conditions, drug allergies, medications you're taking, etc.

But which one should I wear? That's up to you and your specific preference and lifestyle. Here are some tips that may help you decide!

Our Medical ID Bracelets are...
  Recommended for adults of all ages.
  Recommended for children (size small).
  Fitted with a security clasp so the bracelet is not easily removed without the help of another person.
  Intended to stay on at all times.
  Sized to fit your wrist measurement.
  Safe to wear while bathing.









medical id necklacesOur Medical ID Necklaces are...
Recommended for adults of all ages.
 • Not recommended for children.
  Easily removed - they feature a long 27" clasp-free chain that goes over the head to be put on and removed.
  Easy to wear over or under clothing.
  Safe to wear while bathing.



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