Your medical ID bracelet is custom made to fit your wrist.  To ensure a proper fit, it is important that you tell us the exact, snug measurement of your wrist.  Not many people know how big their wrist is so you'll probably need to measure before you can place your order.

If you have flexible cloth or plastic tape measure (like for sewing), that's the easiest way to measure your wrist.  If you don't have one, here's another pretty easy way to get an accurate measurement using some stuff you probably have laying around.  Ready?

Assemble Your Tools

The string and the ruler are the main ingredients here; if you have someone available to help you, you don't really need anything else.  If you're doing this by yourself, the tape and the felt pen make it a lot easier.  

Put a small piece of tape on the end of the string and then tape the end of the string to the inside of your wrist.  It's hard to see in the picture but there's tape holding the end in place.

Wrap the string snugly around your wrist and use the felt pen to make a small mark on the string where it meets the taped down end of the string.

Remove the string from your wrist and measure from the taped end to the pen mark.  That's it- that is your "snug wrist measurement", the number we need to make sure that your medical bracelet fits properly.

This shows you our high tech measuring tool that we use to make sure that the bracelet we send you is exactly 1/2" longer than the "snug wrist measurement" you sent us.  Adding 1/2" is the industry standard for a comfortable bracelet fit.

As you can see, we measure the bracelet from end to end, where the two ends will be joined together.  That is what is considered the bracelet's length.