Wearing our stainless steel medical ID jewelry is an affordable and reliable way to make your important medical information available to doctors and medical emergency personnel when they need it most. The easy-to-wear medical alert bracelets and necklaces can tell medical professionals what they need to know if you aren't able to.

Constructed of tough stainless steel, our bracelets and necklaces are custom laser engraved with your most important medical information, in easy-to-read black lettering, and are perfectly comfortable and durable enough for wearing daily.

Each medical ID jewelry item comes with an included medical info wallet card, which is customized with the same information that you’re having engraved on your bracelet or necklace. You can write additional info onto the back of the card once you receive your order.

Available for purchase is a customized medical information wallet card, if you need additional medical information available in your wallet. These can be purchased and customized in addition to your medical ID jewelry and included wallet card, or instead of the jewelry if you prefer not to wear medical alert jewelry.

Our stainless steel medical ID jewelry is priced lower than other companies because we cut out the middle man by manufacturing and retailing the products. We’re able to pass the savings on to you so you don’t have to spend an arm and leg on your ID jewelry. We believe that having the medical ID is important and the cost for quality medical alert jewelry doesn’t need to be so high.

Purchase your affordable, quality medical jewelry today!