Our medic ID jewelry offers a great way to display the important medical information you need medical professionals to know in the event of an emergency. By customizing your own med ID, you can tell doctors exactly what they need to know about you.

Our medic ID bracelets and necklaces are built for daily wear. Constructed of tough stainless steel, the medical jewelry is highly corrosion resistant, so it is safe to keep wearing day and night, and even when bathing and swimming.

Each jewelry ID features a bright red medical symbol, to draw attention to the bracelet in medical situations. This commonly used symbol has been the traditional symbol of medicine since the early 16th century.

Both the bracelet and necklace are available in a classic or small design. To order, select your preferred jewelry ID and then provide your personalized engraving info. Both of our bracelets are sized to fit your wrist, so we kindly request that you take a snug wrist measurement, and we’ll make sure the bracelet fits comfortably. Our necklaces are one-size-fits-all, and feature a long, clasp-free chain that goes over the head to be put on or removed.

Each medical ID comes with a free wallet card which is customized with the same information you’re having engraved on your ID bracelet or necklace. Once you receive your order, you’re welcome to write additional info onto the back of your wallet card.

Purchase your medical ID and included medical info wallet card today!