What is the medical ID jewelry made of?

All of our ID jewelry is made of solid stainless steel (grade 304), and is highly corrosion resistant.

I'm allergic to nickel, can I wear the stainless steel ID jewelry?

Stainless steel contains nickel so we do not recommended wearing it if you have a nickel allergy.

Can I wear the ID while bathing/swimming?

Yes! Stainless steel will stand up to regular bathing and swimming. 

What kind of clasp do the medical ID's have?

Each bracelet comes with a choice of stainless steel clasp:
-The Lobster Claw Clasp is a standard jewelry style closure that is easy to operate and allows for easy application or removal of the bracelet with one hand.
-The Security Clasp requires two hands to operate and is intended for use when the bracelet should not be easily removed by the wearer (example: small children, Alzheimer's patients, etc).

Our necklace chain does not have a clasp, but instead has a long, 27-inch chain so that the necklace can be easily put on over the head.

What if the item I received is incorrect?

If we've made a mistake on your order, we will make a corrected item and send it to you immediately at no cost. 

If the mistake on your order was not ours, we can make you a new item for a reduced price: $8.00 for IDs or $4.00 for wallet cards.