We recommend talking to your doctor about what medical info is important to have on your medical ID. 

Beyond that, we have some tips that may help you decide what you'd like on your ID.

Do I need my name on it? That's up to you. It could be helpful for medical personnel if you are unconscious and do not have your state or federal ID on your person.

Do I need a phone number on it? Sometimes people choose to have a phone number of someone to reach in case of an emergency. There are also times when people choose to have their doctor or specialist's name and phone number on it. Neither of these are required and it's totally up to you.

What if I can't fit everything on my ID? Most of our IDs can have additional information on the back for an extra charge. Another option is to list the most critical info on your ID, and then say "See Wallet Card" to point medical personnel to a wallet card you carry containing the additional info.