Often, the best people to ask about a company are its customers; the following are unsolicited testimonials we've received from our customers:

"I recently purchased your MedicID necklace. I have been very impressed with its quality. This is the third necklace that I have tried and the only one that worked for me. I have been so impressed that I have shown it to two of my doctors, both of whom were also impressed, and given them photocopies of your brochure. Please send me about a half a dozen, so that I can give them to my relatives and friends. Thank you."

R.E.S. - Sterling, VA

"Thank you so much; all of you. I feel more secure knowing that this information is around me at all times for I never know when a seizure will occur. Thank you again."


"Obviously, customer satisfaction is on par with profitability in your firm. It is a rare occurrence to find this virtue in today's world."

R. S. - Mount Vernon, WA