Our classic stainless steel medical ID bracelet is a popular choice for many adults. It features a sturdy, personalized plaque, a thick stainless steel chain, and a choice of clasp, which together, construct a rugged and comfortable bracelet that is easily worn day-in and day-out. The plaque features personalized laser engraving of your information, and a red medical symbol to alert medical personnel that it contains info they need to know.

The bracelet is sized to fit your specific wrist measurement. Simply measure your wrist and select your wrist size from the pull-down. If you don’t have a measuring tape, consider using a string to wrap around your wrist, and then compare it to a ruler to determine your actual wrist size. If you are in-between sizes, round up to the nearest measurement. We will make the bracelet's total length 1/2-inch longer than your wrist measurement, which will allow for a comfortable fit. It is important to measure the wrist that you plan to wear the bracelet on as your wrists may differ in size. In the off chance that the bracelet does not fit once you receive it, contact us and we can either re-size the bracelet for you, or send you some chain so you can re-size it yourself. Occasionally, people prefer to wear the bracelet as an anklet instead, in which case, a measurement of the ankle is required. Be sure to measure the ankle you plan to wear the bracelet on.

The bracelet plaque measures 2 inches across and is ½ inch tall. The plaque is slightly curved so that it fits comfortably around the curve of your wrist.

The red medical symbol featured on the classic medic ID bracelet contains the Staff of Asclepius (or Rod of Asclepius), which has been the traditional symbol of medicine since the early 16th century. The Staff is enclosed inside the Star of Life, which has become synonymous with emergency medical care around the globe. The complete medical symbol is stamped into the stainless steel bracelet plate and filled with a bold, red enamel to create an eye-catching result.

When considering what to have engraved on your personalized bracelet, we recommend speaking with your doctor or specialist to find out what information is important to have on the ID. If you have more info than will fit on the bracelet, check with your doctor to see if there are acceptable abbreviations for the medical terms. Another option would be to purchase our classic bracelet with engraving on both the front and back, which offers twice as much space for engraving. We also sell a customized medical wallet card which can contain additional info. One example would be to have the following engraved on your bracelet:
And then on the personalized medical info wallet card you can provide your current list of medications that you’re taking.

Feel free to contact us, anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days-a-week if you have questions or would like assistance completing your order.  We are here and happy to help!